Use of Technology for a Healthy Life

Healthy living is within your reach, starting today. Sure, healthy living is a long-term commitment, not a flash-in-the-pan fad. But there were steps and long way to go and train your mind. You can take right now that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way for healthy living tomorrow, too.

We are here showiing you how the technoloy can  help us to gain and live a healthy life. All the products in this article aim to help you know more about your personal health and take control of your well-being. Here are some of the featured products that simplify, excite, and make it fun to live a healthy life.


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life FluidStance

We’ve heard it time and again over the last few years how we should spend more time standing and less time sitting. Well, the FluidStance takes standing at your work desk to a whole new level. Subtle, constant movement of this board keeps your heart rate up, your balance working, and your blood flowing.  Shop for $389 at FluidStance

The Pip

Use of Technology for a Healthy Life The Pip

Imagine being able to track and visualize your emotions over time. With the Pip, you can do that. The small handheld device measures changes in your sweat-gland activity at the surface of the skin, and documents it on the smartphone app.  Shop for $179 at the Pip


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life SmartRope

If you haven’t tried jumping rope on your own or in a cardio fitness class yet, there’s now a tech solution. Connect the rope with your smartphone for different interval training jump workouts, competitions, and general monitoring. The comfortable handles help you avoid the calluses that you may have gotten otherwise. Shop for $90 at Tangram Factory

Bodyworks Ball

Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Bodyworks Ball

Whether your legs feel tight from CrossFit or from crossing them all day at your desk, this ball gets out knots and kinks that may have built up in your muscles.  Shop for $35 at Bodyworks Ball

Cigna Virtual Relaxation Pod

Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Cigna Virtual Relaxation Pod

Think virtual reality is only for movies and video games? Think again. The two-minute experience in this relaxation pod is guided by Oculus goggles that bring you to a Zen environment, like a beach or garden. Let go of the stress, and emerge from the experience a little more relaxed for the day! Read the expreciance by following this link at Story


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Muse

We know meditation is good for us, but we never really know what’s going on in our brains — until Muse, that is. The tool provides motivational challenges to help keep the brain relaxed and breathing calm.  Shop for $299 at Muse

Sleep Yoga

Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Sleep Yoga

Finally, pillows that can actually help you sleep better! These are targeted for different areas of support. Shop Form $40 at Sleep Yoga


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Bedphones

These headphones are comfortable enough to sleep in — which means they’re comfortable enough for just about anything. The adjustable headphones wrap around your ear and have a foam-covered exterior that practically disappears between you and the pillow.  Shop for $60 at Bedphones


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Thync

You don’t have to take an energy-drink shot to get amped. Just like how a kiss or massage can give you a burst of endorphins, Thync delivers low-level electrical pulses to your nerves to do just that: recharge you. Shop for $199 at Thync

Hapi Fork

Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Hapi Fork

As many of us know, eating too fast can make you overindulge. Hapi Fork alerts you when you’re eating too quickly. In return, you become more conscious of your eating and enjoy your meal more! Shop for  $79 at Hapi


Use of Technology for a Healthy Life Drop

This kitchen scale works with your tablet, so you can read a recipe and follow it accurately. Download the app for easy-to-follow recipes. Shop for $100 at Drop

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