There are thousands of websites that seemingly offer everyone a chance to find true love, choosing a dating site that will deliver results instead of scamming you or being nothing but useless isn’t that easy of a task, especially in India.

Once you decide you want to give online dating a try, you’re bound to come upon an obstacle that can drive you away from this activity: not knowing whether a website is a legitimate dating platform or if you’re in for one ugly, scam-filled ride.

Top 8 Dating Websites in India

Instead of testing a dating site yourself and potentially winding up not only without a partner, but also scammed out of your hard-earned money, check out our reviews and learn about dating sites as if you were an actual member. To give you a better insight of the matter, here’s what everyone should consider while choosing a dating website:

  • Popularity – Believe it or not, but the “everyone’s doing it and so should I” philosophy doesn’t take such a negative connotation when it comes to online dating. The more new members a platform like this has each day, the better are the chances that their service actually works.
  • First impressions – These are very important when it comes to dating sites, since your first glance at their home page can either make you want to try it or drive you away from it.
  • User-friendliness – We try to find dating sites that work the best, but also those who are actually simple to use and won’t require spending much time and effort on your side.
  • Rate of successful matchups – At the end of the day, the only job any online dating site is supposed to have is to help you find a partner and establish a relationship. By looking into how many each of these actually succeed at that, we get a better picture as to how useful they are.
  • Functionality – Having a pretty design means nothing if a dating website isn’t very good at giving you what you came for. That’s why we always look into how these sites fare in terms of search, chat, browsing, and matchup mechanics.
  • Customer support – No matter how great a dating site might seem; things can sometimes go south while using the best of them. This is where customer support comes in, and we weren’t shy to call them up and ask them a bunch of questions which only gave us a better insight as to how much these sites pay attention to their users.
  • Member testimonials – Looking at a website is one thing, but hearing that it works from someone who has actually used it makes things much easier. Because of that, we go the extra mile when we try to find testimonials from users who have successfully found love on these dating sites.

We went through most of Indian dating sites and after extensive research and testing, we’ve come up with this list of top 8 Dating websites in India that completely fulfill our criteria, and here they are:

1. Online Dating India

Meet Indian singles who are looking for love! Forget about blind dates arranged by well-meaning friends and aunties and take control of your love life right here, right now!

2. Dating VIP India

It doesn’t matter how serious a relationship you are looking for, Dating VIP India will certainly provide you with a chance to find just the right type of partner you seek.

3. Meet Indian Singles

Meet Indian Singles truly offers a variety of useful options. If you’re in search of an easily accessible, highly intuitive and interactive online dating website, Meet Indian Singles is a perfect place for you to find your future match.

4. Senior Next India

Who says online dating or dating in general is just for young people? Senior Next India is a very well-organized and user-friendly online dating site for older people, usually above the age of 50.

5. East Indian Dating

Online dating is an easy way to find that single that will meet your needs and can be a lifelong partner if that is what you are looking for.

6. India Dating

Find Your Desi Single For Some Masala Fun at India Dating! Local Desi Singles are Here Waiting to Make New Connections, Find Friendship, Seek Romance and So Much More!

7. Indian Dating Service

If you are single in India and you are looking for a versatile online dating webpage which is great-looking, easy to use, and that will help you spice up your love life, Indian Dating Service is a good place to start.

8. Indian Singles Chat

This awesome online dating platform will definitely do the trick when it comes to finding your match in India, while it will also make the very process quite a lot of fun.

Conclusion: There are a number of things that factor into a dating site’s viability and usefulness. However, it all comes down to preference, which means the choice rests with you.