All life on earth derives its sustenance from the sun. Solar rays that are emitted from the sun helps our bodies and plants to grow. So we can use the Sun God to help cure us and to keep diseases and infections away. And in this article lets see how it works.

The sun’s light has seven colours ( VIBGYOR )

  • 1. Violet, Indigo, Blue (Cold Spectrum)
  • 2. Green (Neutral Spectrum)
  • 3. Yellow, Orange, Red (Warm Spectrum)
  1. To cure fever, accidental injuries we use cold colors – Blue,Violet or IndigoII.
  2. To remove or prevent infections, we use neutral color – Green
  3. To cure cold, cough, we use warm colors – Yellow, Orange, Red or Brown MEDIUM

Water, granulated sugar or coconut oil can be turned into solar medicine by keeping them in different color bottles and exposing to the sun’s rays as follows:

  1. Water takes only 4 to 6hours
  2. Granulated sugar takes 4 to 6 weeks
  3. Coconut oil also takes 4 to 6 weeks


One can easily find Blue, Green and Brown color bottles anywhere. Wash the bottles and dry. Fill the bottles with any one of the three mediums – water, granulated sugar or coconut oil up to 2/3rd the bottle only. Close the lid tightly. Expose the bottles in the sun’s rays for the stated period of time.The longer the exposure the better it is. Sugar exposed in sun’s rays for six months will be twice as strong as a six-week-old medicine. One year will be four times stronger. The same is true of coconut oil. Water, of course, should be used on the same day or on the very next day. Oil is for external application only. Sugar can be taken 3 times a day (two teaspoons for children and adults respectively).

So, for example, fever can be treated by taking Blue bottle sugar twice a day or applying a few drops of coconut oil to the parts of the body which are warm. For cold and coughs, you can apply a few drops of Brown oil to nose, chest or neck and rub gently. You will find breathing quickly becoming easier. For infection of any kind, drink green water all day long or use green sugar three times a day. 


  1. Do not use green color one hour before or after meal. Its potency will affect digestion.
  2. Brown bottled sugar or water is not to be taken on an empty stomach.
  3. Shake the sugar bottles daily while you are exposing them to the sun’s rays so that heat of sun can penetrate evenly.


Almost all chronic illness can be cured by the SOLAR COLOR THERAPHY. There are no adverse side effects and the cure is fast and very effective. You can vary the dosage to suit your needs.