Strawberries Prevent From Heart Diseases And Diabetes

Strawberries and its Composition:

Strawberries are an easy plant to grow, and can be grown almost anywhere in the world. The best time to plant is in early to middle spring.

Strawberries, the traditional summer treat, could offer unexpected health benefits of preventing development of heart disease and diabetes.

In addition to being consumed fresh, Strawberries can be frozen, made into preserves, as well as dried and used in prepared foods, such as cereal bars. Strawberries are a popular addition to dairy products, as in strawberry-flavored milk, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, and yogurts.

One cup (144 g) of Strawberries contains approximately 45 calories (188 kJ) and is an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids.

One cup of unsweetened Strawberries contains 140 percent of the reference daily intake of vitamin C, an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Vitamin C helps protect skin from bruising, helps heal cuts and keeps gums healthy. And most importantly, one cup of sliced raw strawberries has only 45 calories and no fat.

Strawberries Prevent From Heart Diseases And Diabetes
Prevent Heart Diseases And Diabetes

Benefits of consuming Strawberries:

Scientists have been studying the beneficial effects of Strawberries on cardiovascular health, particularly around how they prevent the development of heart disease and diabetes.

Strawberries positively activate a protein in our bodies called ‘Nrf2’, which is shown to increase antioxidant and other protective activities.

This protein works to decrease blood lipids and cholesterol, the very things which can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Eating Strawberries has previously been found to counter post-meal blood glucose and low density lipoprotein, or ‘bad’ cholesterol and therefore decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease, but this is the first time that strawberry extracts have been proved to actively stimulate proteins that offer us protection against disease.

Adding Strawberries to your daily diet may help protect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


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