Whether most people like it or not, Samsung has reached the top being the new largest manufacturer of both mobile phones and smart phones. So far Samsung has been keeping its next flagship under wraps quite successfully. We’ve only seen blurry shots of the externals and supposedly, those are not even the final designs.

Props to Samsung for their success so far, but could this be the first serious leak of the handset?

What we have on our hands today is an image that looks a lot like what the Samsung Galaxy S3 is supposed to look like, judging by some of the more substantial leaks from the past.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Press Shot
Samsung Galaxy S3 Press Shot

The image is confirmed as old and has surfaced before.  It is a mock up and we had used it in a blog post over two weeks ago.

But, If this is the real design~~ i feel a bit of disappointed ~ this design doesn’t remain the style of the ‘S’ phone, and its more like nexus. Which i don’t very like the nexus design.

Now this photo didn’t come with any extra info on the handset, but the leaked specifications for the device so far detail a 4.6 or 4.8-inch SuperAMOLED screen of 720p resolution, Samsung’s latest quad-core Exynos chipset, and an 8 or 12 megapixel camera to go with those. There should also be an extra beefier battery to make the phone last a bit longer.

Now as usual, take this thing with a pinch of salt. But our guess is leaks won’t get any better than this before the official announcement. Even if it’s some user-land fan art, we still appreciate the effort and it’s a job nicely done.

Also, if Samsung stays with 8 megapixel camera then the galaxy s3 will be a huge disappointment. However, number of megapixel does NOT equal quality of photos. More Is Nice, Not Necessary.

I know its easy to think that the higher number is always the best (and it’s easy to market) but it’s not that simple!