Ramzan fasting tips: Fasting all day for 30 days can be a huge challenge. It can be especially tough on moms, those who’re working and students who are out all day. We have for you some practical tips you can follow so you stay healthy through this period.

Ramzan fasting tips – Space your meals.

When you break your fast in the evening, break it with a snack. Give a gap and then eat dinner. Get your rest and then have your early morning meal.

Break your fast with fruits.

When you break the fast, start with fruits. After your digestive system has not been active for so many hours, the easiest things for the body to digest are fruits. All dieticians advice having fruit on an empty stomach as eating them after a meal, can make them toxic.

Limit the heavy stuff.

Avoid overdoing too much heavy or oily food as it overloads your system unnecessarily. Also, if you indulge in very heavy food everyday, you won’t get the benefits of fasting.

Include milk in your diet.

Try having badam-pista milk for fortified strength.

Ramzan fasting – Consult a doctor.

Diabetics, people with high blood pressure, or other lifestyle diseases that require daily medication should consult their doctors before starting the fast. The doctor can advise you on what time of the day to take your medication and can monitor your health.

Make a date with dates.

Include dates in your diet, as they are an excellent form of nutrition.

Protect yourself against acidity.

Not eating for long periods of time can cause acidity. For those prone to acidity, consult your doctor and take a once-a-day antacid in the early morning.

Mind your breath.

Fasting can cause bad breath. Brush your teeth or rinse using a mouthwash several times a day to stay minty fresh.

Time management.

Try to get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. If you can, cover up for the remaining hours during the afternoon.

Ramzan fasting tips – Stay indoors in the afternoon. It’s best to avoid too much activity or avoid stepping out during the hot afternoons as that can cause dehydration and exhaustion.