Presenting a strong image of yourself through your resume is important, regardless of the position you seek. Most IT professionals, especially recent graduates or career changers, are uncomfortable walking in and demanding high-paying, influential positions. They know they can troubleshoot PC hardware and write Visual Basic (VB) code, but they don’t quite know how to express in words how these skills can benefit an organization, much less how to promote themselves above other job candidates with similar skills.

To get noticed, you need to convey a strong image. In interview situations, this means how you physically present yourself. On a résumé, it’s the words you use, the examples you provide, and the impression you create in the recruiter’s mind. To convey a strong image, you must begin with a positive attitude.

In many situations, modesty is appropriate and becoming. Regardless of how many years you have been in the IT industry, it’s difficult to brag about experience and accomplishments.

Face it, IT professionals are rarely salesmen or marketers, and with good reason. While marketers like to embellish and sell the features and benefits of a product (including themselves), most IT professionals stick to facts and analytical data (hence, the binary nature of computers and computer languages). Marketers are comfortable making larger-than-life claims about their products.

The goal is to help you get your dream job, the one that best fits your talents, knowledge, and lifestyle.

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