A McDonalds restaurant in Pune threw a street kid out when he entered the restaurant to buy a Fanta float. – Source – Yahoo.in

A McDonalds restaurant in Pune threw a street kid out when he entered the restaurant to buy a Fanta float, Firstpost reported this morning. A woman who accompanied the child inside to buy him the drink posted about the incident on her Facebook page. It was picked up on Reddit and tweeted.

In her post, the woman stated that as she and her friends left the restaurant with Coke floats, a poor child from the street asked approached them and asked for some. She asked the child to come stand in line with her at the restaurant so she could buy him one. At this time, a member of the restaurant staff “pushed and threw the kid out,” saying “These kind of people are not allowed inside.” The child was forced out, but the woman bought him the Fanta float and gave it to him outside, posting this picture on Facebook.

Its a shame to Mc Donalds staff for their uncalled for behaviour. If they utters that this kind of people are not allowed inside the outlet, then what kind of a person he/she is working inside to fill his stomach. The rudeness of Mc Donald staffers is increasing day by day. Their licence should be cancelled.  Every citizen of India has a right to go and purchase the stuff inside the outlet, whether he/she is rich or a begger. This kind of discrimination leads to Mc Donalds getting ousted from India.

McDonalds throws street kid out of restaurant

Mc Donalds or whomsoever this is the most inhuman and dirty gesture.

Not only Mc Donald. Where ever we move to hotel or in signal point we face such this kids, Many times we see them as a begger view. Many people say that they are cheating. Everyday being a God’s children we cheat God and his way. So We have no right to blame the children. If possible help them. Or leave it. We should not teach others don’t encourage this. But there is a limit for everything. The donated lady might posted this to reveal her generosity. As per few comments it might be a quite often problem for Mc Donalds.