General Knowledge:

General knowledge has been defined in differential psychology as “culturally valued knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist media” and encompassing a wide subject range.General Knowledge is an important component of crystallized intelligence and is associated with openness to experience. Studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to be knowledgeable in many. General knowledge is thought to be supported by long-term semantic memory ability.

A number of studies have found that males tend to have greater overall general knowledge than females, perhaps due to gender differences in interests rather than memory ability.Recent studies have found that General Knowledge is associated with exam performance in schoolchildren and proofreading skills.

To improve your knowledge in general awareness and past environmental issues, sample General Knowledge questions and answers are the best way to achieve a grip over the subject. Sample papers, both solved and unsolved, are available also with different books and online as well. Simply buy these books, or download the question papers for free online, and start practicing right away. There are various websites that provide the opportunity to participate in different current affair quiz contests online to improve your skills(General Knowledge).

No matter whichever competitive examination you are appearing for, you have to be utterly conversant with General Knowledge to help you crack through the exam.

General Knowledge for Competitive Exams
General Knowledge for Competitive Exams

In the world of stiff competition and best merits these days, cracking through a competitive examination is significantly tougher. In addition to having skilled proficiency in your own specialization, it is important that you hold a competitive edge over others. And your efficient grip in General Knowledge can be the best area to earn your niche. General awareness is one of the most important subjects in any competitive examination today, and carries a good score among the total composite marks.

General Knowledge Questions For Competitive Exams

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