Gently cleansing your face with a natural, plant-based cleansing formula can remove makeup, sebum build-up, and impurities from the skin. When you harness the power of botanicals, you purify your skin in a soothing and nourishing way, which allows its natural healthy glow and vitality to shine through.

These formulas do not contain any preservatives, it is best to either store them in the refrigerator or, at the very least, to make sure that you don’t touch the product with your fingers or a dirty utensil. A sanitized, pourable bottle with a tight-fitting cap works best.

Facial Cleansers

Choosing a facial cleanser:

Water-based cleansers: These mild, herb-infused, water-based cleansers softly bathe and freshen up the skin, leaving it bright and dirt-free. While water-based cleansers may not take away makeup as well as a soap- or oil-based cleanser, they are perfect for those with a dry or sensitive skin type, where a soothing rinse is all that is desired. Nourishing and mild botanical ingredients, such as floral waters, herbs, tinctures, fruit juices, apple cider vinegar, and even honey, can all be added to your custom-made formula.

Cleansing with water-based products: To use a water-based cleanser, you can either spray a generous amount over your face, or apply the required amount to a cotton pad and softly swipe the solution over your skin to freshen it up.

Soap-based cleansers: Containing a natural surfactant, usually liquid Castile soap, these cleansers free the skin of pore-clogging impurities, makeup, and oily sebum accumulation. Soap-based cleansers are effortlessly personalized to suit each skin type’s specific needs. You can add particular ingredients such as clay for a deep cleanse; sugar or almond meal for an exfoliating cleanse; detoxifying essential oils can be added for those with blemish-prone skin; Aloe vera can be included for those with dry skin; and plant oils such as jojoba oil can even be added for dry skin types.

Cleansing with soap-based products:Simply apply a small amount of the soap based cleanser to wet skin, massage into the skin with circular motions, and rinse well. Avoid getting soap-based cleansers in your eyes.

Oil-based cleansers: These are formulated with nutritious plant oils and beneficial essential oils. Oil-based cleansers are concentrated and do not contain any water. They are superb for removing stubborn makeup—even eye makeup! They can transform parched, mature, and sensitive skin into softly cleansed, supple skin. Even oily skin types can use an oil-based cleanser with perfect results.

Cleansing with oil-based products: The best way to use an oil-based facial cleanser is to apply a generous amount to dry skin, massage in, and remove with a soft cloth. You may rinse with warm water if desired.

For makeup-free skin that only requires a light cleanse, pour some warm floral water onto a washcloth to saturate. Firmly, yet gently, massage your skin with the washcloth to lightly exfoliate and loosen pore-clogging debris.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, use a soap-based cleanser before bed and then switch to a water- or oil-based cleanser in the morning.