BEL stands for Bharat Electronics Limited. The company came into existence in the year 1954, in Bangalore. It was established with an aim to meet the requirements of the defense services of our country. In course of time the company has developed itself to be a multi technology, multi product firm which serves the customers’ needs all over the world.

The company is known to employ the best engineering talents of India. The selection procedure of the company is given below:

There is a written test of 2.5 hours. The test consists of 30 questions based on aptitude. Apart from this there is a passage consisting of 3 questions. There are data interpretation questions, logical reasoning questions and questions on general knowledge.

The math questions are generally asked from topics like compound interest and height and distance. These questions can be really tricky.

The technical part consists of questions which aim to test the fundamental knowledge you have in subjects like solid state and electronics. Questions are there from Fourier transform, electrical, circuit theory, network theorems, filters, resistors connections etc.

There can be questions from control systems. Digital signal processing forms a major portion from where questions generally come. Some questions are from microprocessors.

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