Deemed Universities to follow New UGC Rules

All deemed-to-be universities in India will soon have to follow the government’s reservation policy in admissions and recruitments, admit students on the basis of a merit-based all-India examination, charge fees in accordance with UGC regulations, and disclose them on their web sites and prospectuses.

  • They can’t use the terms ‘University’, or ‘National/Indian’ — only ‘deemed to be university’ in parenthesis. ‘National’ and ‘Indian’ will be reserved for central government institutes.
  • The regulations stipulate mandatory accreditation for institutes, a diversity of courses and a strong focus on research and patents
  • The regulations will apply also to all old proposal for grant of deemed university status pending with UGC.
  • Institutes will now be subject to review by the UGC every five years.
  • They will be eligible for deemed varsity status only after they have been in existence for 15 years, undergone periodic reviews by recognized external accrediting agencies.
  • Should offer well-established, broad-based graduate, post graduate and research programmes in several disciplines, are engaged in quality research, have full-time fully-qualified faculty, generate intellectual property and secure merit-based research funding from public and private agencies.
  • They will not be allowed to offer distance education, and will have to follow academic sessions notified by the central government, admitting students only in that window.
  • They will have to offer at least five post-graduate academic programmes, and each department will have to have a minimum stipulated permanent faculty.
  • The regulations stipulate a five-year term for the V-C, and creation of posts of a Pro-VC, a Registrar, a Board of Studies, a Board of Management with a central government nominee on it, an Academic Council, a Planning & Management Board and a Finance Committee.

Indian Express

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