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Nowadays people in their 20s and 30s are seen to have diabetes unlike the olden days where a diabetic would usually be a person in his/her 50s or even much older. Focus needs to be given on childhood obesity and steps have to be taken with immediate effect to control the same.

Hardcore measures need to be implemented so that we can prevent the number of type2 diabetes patients from rising. Sedentary lifestyles and fatty junk foods are the major contributors of childhood obesity.

Here is an effective natural treatment you can try or you can also let your friends or relatives who suffer from the same. Which was actually long back telecasted on a TV program.

Few months ago, a TV program educated about the treatment of Blood Sugar (Diabetes). Please note that the other name for “Ladies Finger”(vegetable) is ” OKRA “

Take two pieces of (OKRA) “Ladies Finger” and remove/cut both edges. Also make a small cut in the middle and put these two pieces in a glass of water. Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature for a whole night.

Early morning, before breakfast simply remove the two pieces of (OKRA) ladies finger from the glass and drink that water.Keep doing it on daily basis. Within two weeks, you will see remarkable results in reduction of your blood SUGAR level.

My friend has got rid of her diabetes. She was on Insulin for a few years, but after following this every morning for a month, she has stopped Insulin but continues to take the (OKRA) “ladies finger” treatment every day. But she chops the (OKRA) “ladies fingers” into fine pieces in the night, adds water and drinks it all up the next morning. Try it…! You have to keep taking it for a few days before you see results, as most cases might be chronic.

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