The following tutorial guides you how to define or create a company in SAP step by step with screen shots. Let us discuss briefly about company.

Define Company in SAP

About Company in SAP:- Company is theorganizational unit for which individual financial statements can be drawn according to the relevant commercial law. A company can comprise of one or more company codes. A Company has local currencies in which its transactions are recorded. All company codes within a company must use the same transaction Chart of accounts and the same Fiscal Year. Creation of company in sap is optional.

Path to Define Company in SAP :- 

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO –> Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG)  –> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> Financial Accounting  –> Define Company

Transaction code to “Define Company in SAP” :- OX15

Steps for creation of a Company: – 

Step 1 :-  Enter Transaction Code SPRO in the commend field and press enter on the Keyboard

Create and Define a Company in SAP FICO 1

Step 2 :- Next Customizing execute project screen select SAP Reference IMG

Create and Define a Company in SAP FICO 2

Step 3 :- After Selecting SAP Reference IMG, a new screen IMG Path will be displayed. Select Define company execute icon for creating a company

Create and Define a Company in SAP FICO 3

Next Screen will be displayed after selecting the define company execute icon

Create and Define a Company in SAP FICO 4

Step 4:– Now Select New entries icon to create a new company and enter the company details

Create and Define a Company in SAP FICO 5

The following details are to be entered for creating a new company

  • Enter 6 character alphanumeric code key that represents the group of company
  • Enter name of your company.
  • In the Detailed information update the address – Street name, PO Box#, Postal code, City.
  • Enter Country Code of the company
  • Enter language key
  • Enter local currency for the company (also known as Company code currency)
  • Click on Save icon or CTRL+S after updating the required information
  • Thus new Company ADARSH is created in SAP.

The following video explains how to define company in SAP step by step.