Bermuda Triangle: At the age of 10, I came to know about “Bermuda Triangle”. Its something which I cant beleive. I wondered how ships and planes vanish in this particular area. I used to keep on asking myself what was the mystery behind Bermuda Triangle. Sometimes I used to think it must be a fantasy story. But we cant hide the fact that those who went insearch of the mystery behind Bermuda Triangle never came back.

Bermuda Triangle Location

Bermuda Triangle is a region between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto rica where disappearances of ships and planets not only continue but continue to defy explanations.

Bermuda Triangle Mysteries
Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

Bermuda triangle looks like a bucket of water when compared to all oceans in the world, but it covers 1,500,000 miles in the sea.

Bermuda Triangle Mysteries

The earth has many mystics which few souls who incarnate upon her are aware of. One is the secret of her multidimensional. There are many “layers”, so to speak, to the mother planet of the human race. Man resides on only one of these layers, whereas the others are populated by beings and life-forms which man would find very strange. And yet there are legends and old tales about the inhabitants of the other layers – particularly amond the Scots and Irish, many of whom have retained in rudimentary form the ancient ability now referred to as clairvoyance.

The gift was not intended to be the property of only a few gifted souls. It was meant to be the birthright of all human beings. However man turned away from the higher perceptions of reality, through his fascination and obsession with materiality for its own sake, and as a result he lost the beautiful gift which had previously allowed him to see and converse with all the beings on all of the later of his wonderful planet. Although the many dimensions or layers of earth are generally separated from each other, there are certain locations where these different planes intersect. when beings of the right vibrational quality more through these special junction points at the right times, it is sometimes possible to “slip through” to the other level, and be unable to discover how to return.

This, we must emphasize, is extremely rare – almost an impossibility for man in his presend state of hardened or densified materiality. However, there have been a few rare instances where such a transfer has taken place, and these form the basis for the so-called Bermuda Triangle mystery. We stress, however, that most of the alleged disappearances in that location of the earch are merely the result of accidents, sinking, shipwreck, and the like.