With respect to Job Market, Certainly B.Tech qualification carries more value than B.Sc  qualification. You should in that case pursue M.Sc too for better career prospects. You can expect better job prospects as well higher salary after B.Tech. But it is important you select the specialization based on your career aspiration. Like if you are interest Botany then joining for engineering stream is not the right decision.

Otherwise, Both the courses are Good. The choice may depend on the following: It depends on how you see it and what are the Interests you have.

If engineering is your passion and you want to represent yourself in the engineering world then you should definitely go for B.tech.

If you have an interest in a particular subject and you want to further study that subject and carry on with it and go into some research field than surely you should go for B.Sc.

B tech is a field of technology.

Its a field where you do mostly application work implementing your knowledge for purpose of Social or Commercial Utilization. It needs special Skills and professionalism. And mainly related to Problem solving , Analyzing and Developing Mind.

Some Of the Fields in B tech are:


While B.Sc, is a Bachelor of Science, If your Interested in Studies, Theoritical, Learning, Teaching having interest in getting something new through your knowledge, Wants to do research, wants to know more bout Science related topics and on How things getting done.  All theoretical knowledge and problem solving skills comes under B.Sc

Some Of the Fields in B.Sc are:


There is a lot of misconceptions and confusions among students when it comes to choosing B.Sc or B.Tech after 12th. A common misconception is B.Tech (engineering) is better than BSc (pure science), while a few confident students stick to BSc as their career goals are clear.

Some feel B.Tech is tough and they won’t be able to perform up to the expected level, while others feel BSc is way too easy. To remove this confusion and misconceptions, we look a the different aspects, scope, difficulty level, career prospects etc., involved in these two courses and may be help you in choosing either BSc or B.Tech.

Comparatively, career prospects after graduation in engineering is GOOD – the choice of engineering discipline + further specialisation under it gives an edge to choose and follow your career goals in that segment. However, for better and higher career prospects M.Tech / MBA is recommended.

which one to choose – BSc or B.Tech

Now a days there is more value for Technical degree than science and many companies prefer the candidates with B.Tech degree than B.Sc. The opportunites and getting the jobs in companies will be more for B.Tech candidates than all other. It depends on how you see it and what are the Interests you have.

B.Sc If you are comfortable with basic science and are more inclined to non-technical aspects of science, B.Sc is a good choice, and coupled with M.Sc you can make good progress in your career.

B.Tech If you are interested in the technical side of science, designs, calculations etc., and ready to do take on a demanding and challenging route, B.Tech is the right choice.

Higher study choices

B.Sc If you are interested in research work, you may do Masters (MSc) and then PhD.If you are interested in management stuff, go for an MBA after B.Sc.

B.Tech If core engineering stuff is your forte / research work, you may do your Masters (M.Tech / M.E) and later PhD.If management and business interests you, go for an MBA after B.Tech / B.E.

Note: Not every engineer is successful or earning huge income, and not all pure science students are struggling.

Remember, in the long run – i.e, in a job, it is “performance” – how well you execute your skills and not the “percentage” of your degree certificate that counts.

Hence, opt for a course that will enhance your present skills further and the one you have confidence in.