AICTE invites email complaints against colleges

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has invited stakeholders and outsiders to file a complaint against any technical education institution indulging in any wrongdoing via Email.

Any complaint or grievance regarding any institution or about the visit of experts assigned with specific tasks pertaining to the institutions can be brought to the notice of the AICTE through emails at

According to AICTE officials, the vigilance awareness move will enable the governing body to have eyes at the grassroots, as well as get direct access to information that the institutions will never part with on their own.

“The AICTE aims to ensure that institutions function as per the norms and guidelines that they have undertaken to follow at the time of getting an approval. Often, institutions tend to find loopholes and bend the rules to their convenience. These transgressions are not brought to the AICTE’s notice until there is some major issue or disagreement between the institution and the students, staff or stakeholders,” said the official.

“This step has a dual effect. While on the one hand it will help us keep a tab on the functioning of the institutions, on the other it will also work as an avenue for feedback about the various initiatives that the AICTE undertakes to improve the condition of the students,” added the official.

Readers are requested to mail their complaints to AICTE’s Grievance Redressal Cell –



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