Do you ever feel like you’ve tried everything to get a girl’s attention but they never seem to notice you? Endless flowers and love poems are getting you nowhere? You might want to try making a few small changes to you! With the right steps, you will be attracting girls without lifting a finger! They’ll flock to you! People have certain ideals when looking out for a relationship. There are certain traits they want to find in an ideal partner. When it comes to women, here are the top characteristc that every women usually look for in men.


Almost all women regard faithfulness as an important trait to look for in men. Women look for the reassurance and that attachment as they go on to start a family.

Be kind and respectful to everybody. While you’re probably not walking around, if you have a bad attitude and you treat other people poorly, you are going to have a hard time attracting women. Even if you’re nice to women you want to date but a total jerk to everyone else, women will notice. Be nice, legitimately nice, and respectful towards everyone and women will be reasonably assured that they can always expect the same.


Men who are able to fulfill what they promised are an important trait for every 3 out of 4 women. Just being responsible and able to do certain things as expected of them can help reassure women that men will likely commit.

Sense of Humor

Women consider funny men attractive. After all, it is one of those traits that they always look for. A man with a sense of humor can laugh at the world even with all the stress and problems around. This can be infectious and can have a positive effect on the women, especially when going through stress.

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Women also look for men who pay attention when they are talking. Not only does it indicate that the man is interested, women feel secure having someone who can listen to them at any time they feel like talking about something very important.


Women like men who know about many things. An intelligent man is considered as interesting and someone that a woman will not consider as boring.

Attractive Face

On the physical side, women also look for someone handsome. In the science of attraction, men who have perfect facial symmetry, with the eyes, ears, nose and other features matching perfectly when the face is divided in half, are those who are considered as attractive. Smiling often as well as keeping everything else evened and lined up can help make them look more attractive.

Wear nice clothes.

It’s not like you have to go around wearing Armani or anything, just wear clothes that fit, suit your body, don’t have holes or stains, and don’t look like they were the height of fashion in 1986. Don’t worry so much about brands: a girl worth having won’t care what brand of clothing you wear. Just make sure you’re dressed such that she wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with you.

Keep your body clean.

Girls don’t want to deal with your week-old BO. Man, YOU don’t want to deal with your week-old BO. Take regular showers and use deodorant. It will surprise you how much of a difference this makes if you haven’t been doing this already.

Smell amazing.

Just like you love a girl who smells like a perfect princess fresh out of fairy land, girls love it when men smell amazing too. You can do this by first keeping your body clean, and then adding a nice scent. This can be as simple as getting a really nice smelling deodorant. If you want to go a bit further, you can try cologne or body sprays. Just make sure that the smell is subtle and that you put it on correctly. She doesn’t want you to smell like you bathed in Axe.

Don’t be a follower.

Start trends, don’t follow them. Girls are attracted to guys they perceive as cool. Try to be independent and show your own personality, rather than copying what the other guys are doing.

Give girls their freedom.

Girls don’t want to date someone who’s really clingy or controlling. If you have girl friends that you’re hoping to catch the eye of, show them that you’re perfectly happy to go do your own thing without them. Don’t annoy them by constantly asking to hang out, don’t ask to go everywhere with them (or follow them around without asking!), don’t try to trap them in a corner when you want to talk, and don’t try to guilt them or manipulate them into going places with you. Show girls that they are free to go where they want and do what they want, and if they want a buddy along for the ride, you’re there for them.