Dosa is symbolic to a traditional South Indian breakfast. It is a popular entry in any South Indian specialty restaurant. It tastes like crunchy wraps with fillings inside. Dosa is always served with hot sambar (seed curry) and chutney (sweet n sour soup).Dosa is a great source of complete protein for vegetarians as it is made of rice batter and urad dal (black gram lentil) and completes the amino acids in them.

South Indian Food Dosa

Dosa is a versatile dish. It can be a breakfast item, can be served for lunch or dinner. It is easy to digest and even one dosa can keep you adequately full. In case you wish to eat a heavy meal, you can add stuffing inside it.

Dosas are healthy because they are relatively low in calories. An 86 g serving of dosa provides 162 calories, which is just 8 percent of the daily recommended intake of 2,000. This is slightly less than the amount in regular pancakes, which contain 197 calories per 86 g serving.

Although Dosa is ideal for breakfast, but you can eat it anytime you like. Dosa features less count of calorie and less amount of insoluble fat that makes it an essential food for those who like to eat more but afraid of extra calories.

Dosa contains healthy carbs which provide our body with the energy needed to carry out different functions. It is a good option for people on a weight loss diet as well.Cutting out carbs from your diet can make you lethargic, low on energy and also lead to depression in some cases. It is best to get your carbs from healthy sources and dosa is one of them.

bread Dosa

Dosa are moderately high in fat considering the low calorie count, as each 86 g serving contains 6 g. However, only 2 g of the fat is saturated, which is beneficial, as too much saturated fat can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. To limit this risk, the American Heart Association recommends consuming 16 g of saturated fat or fewer each day.

Dosa has a moderate level of essential proteins. This gives your body the essential nourishment it requires in daily basis. Protein intake in form of Dosa keeps you full for a longer time and you will less likely to feel hungry right after an hour or so.

Dosas are a rich source of carbohydrates, as each 86 g provides 22 g of this nutrient. The carbohydrates are mostly healthy, as each serving contains only 1 g of sugar, while an equal-sized serving of pancakes contains 11 g. Additionally, each 86 g serving of dosa provides 2 g of fiber.

Dosa is quite light and so does not add too many calories in your body. A single serving of plain dosa has about 37 calories. Though when you eat a stuffed dosa the calorie count will be much higher, you can therefore eat that in the morning as a hearty breakfast meal.

Dosa variety

Dosa helps in improving cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol problems should try including Dosa in their daily diet as it helps in controlling cholesterol levels due to its low cholesterol properties.

Various types of Dosa

    • Plain dosa
    • Oats dosa
    • Masala dosa
    • Set dosa
    • Paneer dosa

South Indian Food Dosa1

    • Mysore masala dosa
    • onion dosa
    • Coriander Moong Dal Dosa
    • Aali Pota Dosai
    • Sweet Wheat Banana Dosa
    • Pachi Mirapakaya Karam Dosa
    • Ganji Dosa
    • Kadambam Dosa
    • Bread Dosa