College is way too expensive no matter where you go in the United States. Just ask anyone who never went why they didn’t go, or ask a graduate why they are struggling with debt despite having a degree, and they’ll both give you the same answer— college costs too much money. Student loans make college affordable for a few years, but after graduation, the grace period runs out. All of a sudden you’re giving half of your paycheck to the government or a private lender because you decided to go to school.

College tuition prices are rising yearly— to the extent that they have the highest inflation rate in all of the United States economy. Even public colleges are getting expensive these days, but the private ones still take the cake in terms of cost. Private colleges have no limitations on what they can charge, and since they are all about the bottom line, they barely look at applicants GPA’s.

It seems like there are more colleges in America than words in the dictionary, but there are 20 colleges that really stand out among the rest. These colleges could bankrupt you entirely in just the first week of classes, unless you have rich parents, scholarships or financial aid. At tens of thousands of dollars each year (some hitting six figures), these schools will give you a top of the line education at a top of the line price. Here are the 5 of the most expensive colleges in the United States.

University of Chicago – Chicago, IL ($63,585/Year)

Top 5 Expensive Colleges in United States University of ChicagoThe University of Chicago takes the first spot in terms of expenses. Founded in 1890, The University of Chicago was mainly funded by John Rockefeller (the oil titan from the 19th century.) Only 8 percent of applicants get into this university, and most of them find success after their school days are finished. Each year, students pay an average of $63,585 to go to the University of Chicago.

The buildings on campus aren’t the oldest in Chicago but they sure look that way, despite being maintained beautifully. You don’t have to take a train into the city, you can just walk there. And this school is private as all other schools. So unless you have rich parents, you’re going to have to start saving money from your paper route and study instead of hanging out with the other kids.

Notable Alumni: Larry Ellison, Roger Ebert, and David Rockefeller.

New York University – New York City, NY ($63,472/Year)

Top 5 Expensive Colleges in United States New York UniversityThere are only 11,000 students at New York University, but the school has one of the largest housing populations. Almost every student that attends NYU lives on campus, as it’s too hard to get to and from the school. The cost to attend NYU is $63,472 per year, but that’s pretty much what rent costs in New York City (the world’s most expensive city to live in), so the degree is a bonus.

NYU has become one of the best known schools for producing stars in the entertainment industry. Countless actors, directors, musicians, and more have made their way through NYU, despite the high price tag. If you’ve ever wanted to get onto Saturday Night Live, then NYU is probably the school you’ll most want to consider.

Notable Alumni: Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, and Billy Crystal.

Columbia University – New York City, NY ($63,440/Year)

It has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the world at just under seven percent. That’s right, for every 100 students that apply to Columbia, only seven will get in. That’s insane, but not as insane as how much you have to pay each year, since the cost is $63,440.Top 5 Expensive Colleges in United States Columbia University

You also have to be a genius (or incredibly well connected) to make it into Columbia, as it was ranked as the fourth smartest university in the nation. If you can get into Columbia in the first place, there’s a good chance that you were intelligent enough to get a scholarship or rich enough to avoid student loan debt. Either way, you are set for life after attending Columbia.

Notable Alumni: Barack Obama, Katie Holmes, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH ($62,337/Year)Top 5 Expensive Colleges in United States Dartmouth College

Dartmouth has an instantly recognizable name as one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools in America. The college is among the oldest in the nation and was founded in 1769. Before the United States officially became a country, there were nine colleges and Dartmouth was one of them. Only around 10 percent of applicants will get into this school that has a long waiting list.

New Hampshire isn’t really the state that most 18 year olds want to go to, but when a degree from Dartmouth is the result of living in the small New England state, then it’s worth it. It better be worth it, after all, since tuition costs $62,337 per year. That is, if you can get into Dartmouth in the first place.

Notable Alumni: Dr. Seuss, Michael Moriarty, and Robert Frost.

University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA ($62,031/Year)

Top 5 Expensive Colleges in United States University of Southern CaliforniaThis school is in the west resides in sunny Los Angeles, and is probably the most recognizable on the list to football fans. The University of Southern California (also referred to as USC or Southern Cal) was founded in 1880 and has a huge enrollment of 41,000 students. This makes it one of the largest private schools in the entire United States.

It costs $62,031 at USC per year. It can be pretty hard to get any studying done with the glitz of Hollywood and the beaches near the campus, but many have found their way through it.  Since there’s no in-state tuition for private schools, many make the trip from around the country to attend USC.

Notable Alumni: Steven Spielberg, Will Ferrell, and Neil Armstrong.