Mutual funds are good investment products for people who are not risk-averse. Today we can check out the top 10 mutual funds in India for SIP in 2016-17. We did not just take past performance into consideration to rank the top 10 best mutual funds. We have also listed them based on how they can perform and how safe the investment will be. Only time will tell if my assessment is right.

These funds are expected to be in the top mutual fund performers though some other funds may/may not beat them. But that is impossible to tell as of now and can only be known in hindsight. You can invest capital in mutual funds to save tax or get tax concessions and also to grow wealth. These funds must not destroy capital in the long run but at same time must provide you high inflation beating returns in the long run(5 years or more).

For someone who is warming up to the investment game, choosing the right mutual funds can be a tricky proposition. Many factors affect these products including fund house rules, fund managers, stock market fluctuations, and portfolio allocation.  A fund that performed well in the past may or may not not continue to provide good returns in the future.

Top 10 best performing mutual funds to invest in India

So without delay here are top 10 best performing mutual funds (regular plans) you can consider to invest in 2016-2017. I have evaluated the funds on various parameters such as:

  • Fund Manager
  • Asset Under Management (AUM)–total capital invested though not important factor
  • Returns over 1 yr, 3yr and 5 yr compared to Benchmark and peers in fund category
  • Expense ratios and risk analysis
  • Holdings in the portfolio
  • Balanced funds and ELSS mutual funds have not been considered. Only Diversified Equity Funds considered.
  • No segregation made on large, mid, small cap funds. All were considered equal.
  • No CRISIL MF ranking factor as it is not very important factor in my opinion.

Risk Analysis is also an important factor when choosing the best mutual funds. In this list we have funds that take low risk and some funds take higher risk and investors should invest according to risk appetite.

Some background on important ratios (calculated on 3-yr returns):

  1. Beta Ratio – less than 1, then fund has lower risk compared to Benchmark index. If benchmark index shows 100%, then fund will drop grow less than 100% and vice versa for drop in returns. In other words, Beta compares the volatility of mutual fund to its benchmark.
  2. Sharpe Ratio – greater the value of this ratio, more attractive is the risk-adjusted return. It gives how much risk has been taken to generate the return. It is excess return above risk-free return.
  3. Sortino Ratio – useful for analyzing high-volatile stocks (assets). A bigger ratio indicates low probability of huge loss.
  4. Standard Deviation(SD) – SD gives the volatility of returns over pre-determined period. In other words how consistent has the returns been.
  5. Expense Ratio – It is the total expense of mutual fund as percentage of average net assets. As AUM increases usually Expense ratio decreases.


  • 10. Kotak Select Focus Fund
  • 9. IDFC Premier Equity
  • 8. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities
  • 7. Can Robeco Emerging Equities
  • 6. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
  • 5. PPFAS Long Term Value Fund
  • 4. UTI MNC Fund
  • 3. Franklin India Prima Plus Fund
  • 2. Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity
  • 1. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip

Investing requires practice, patience and tracking the investments. Better take good professional help if you can’t devote time to learn and keep track. Choose and invest in good performing mutual funds.

Disclaimer: Above opinion is personal and should not be considered as substitute for professional advice. I’m not SEBI registered analyst. Past performance is no indicator for future performance. Though every effort was taken to have accurate data there may be some errors. We do not receive any commission or payment for recommending these funds and done solely for educationg the investor. Do your own analysis.

Have you invested in any of these mutual funds? Are you happy with your investment choice? Is there a fund that you felt deserved spot on this Top 10 best performing mutual funds to invest in India list? Let us know with your comments or ask if any doubts.