SIP Vs EMI – Which is the best Investment Strategy

Dilemmas are something that is unavoidable when we have 2 options and have to choose one. In this blog post, we are going to look at the biggest dilemma of choosing between EMI and SIP. While applying loan (EMI) to buy products you often end up paying more than the actual cost. SIP (In equity […]

Investment Options Better Than PPF

We invest our earnings for a variety of reasons. While some invest to meet their children’s educational expenses, others do so to fund their post-retirement life. But the key aim for all is to attain financial stability over the long-term. The typical mindset of most people is that you have to work more to earn […]

How to build an Investment Portfolio

Having a separate Investment Portfolio for each financial goal gives you the best chance of fulfilling them. However, some believe that having different goals for different financial goals is not the correct way.  According to few others, we should have a single portfolio and then allocate amounts to various goals. Managing different portfolios is tough […]

How to Invest in Shares

How to Invest in Shares in INDIA: If you have a fair amount of money to invest and if you are planning to invest them in Equity, here is something for you. First, you need to get a Demat account. To be frank, you cant invest in shares without a demat account as shares cannot […]

What is the Importance of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is all about investing a fixed sum regularly in an equity fund, regardless of market conditions. Over the long term, you end up buying more units when the markets are down and fewer when the markets are up. Thus, your average purchase price is much likelier to be lower than what […]

National Pension System (NPS) Details and Benefits

National Pension System (NPS) was earlier a Compulsory retirement fund for government employees (except army forces). NPS was introduced in 2009 for central and state government employees to replace old benefit-based scheme. Earlier, pension was based on the average of emoluments (basic salary, DA and standard allowances) earned during the last ten months of service […]

How To Use Credit cards wisely to maximize cash flow

Usually there is always some people who say that “Plastic is Evil” or “Credit Cards are evil” and make you fall into debt. Yes this is true if you are careless. Let me share a personal story. When I was just out of college and started working, I racked up almost $ 40,000 debt in […]

Public Provident Fund – All You Want to Know about PPF

Public Provident Fund FAQ will help to understand every aspect of PPF because it is one of the best options in terms of small saving schemes in India.  It is much preferred since it offers one of the best interest rates as well as it is exempted under Income Tax act.  Here is a complete […]

Mahanagar Gas to list shares on July 1

The issue, which opened during June 21-23, oversubscribed 64.54 times, driven by non-institutional investors (191.61 times) and qualified institutional buyers (72.84 times). Mahanagar Gas, the country’s second largest CNG retailer, will list its equity shares on exchanges on July 1 after its issue received overwhelming response from investors last week. The issue, which opened during […]

Top 10 Mutual Funds to Invest in India for SIP

Mutual funds are good investment products for people who are not risk-averse. Today we can check out the top 10 mutual funds in India for SIP in 2016-17. We did not just take past performance into consideration to rank the top 10 best mutual funds. We have also listed them based on how they can […]