Steps To Turn On System Restore on Windows 10

System restore is a handy tool to save our time in most critical situation. Microsoft has has incorportated System Restore in Windows Operating System ever since the lauch of Windows ME.

Now its time for Windows 10, and if you have a PC running windows 10, then personally recommend you to turn on Windows Resore Feature in. In Windows 10 Microsoft have improved ans came with some new feature like system reset or restoration which is better that the features available in their previous version of WIndows System Restore. System restore is turning more reliable and makes us feel safe with Windows 10 PC.

By default in Windows 10, System restore feature is turned on for various reasons that was known only to Microsoft and Windows 10 Developers.. So, lets see how to turn on Windows System Restore in Windows 10. This is almost similar to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

  • Open your system properties and click on advance system setting. (Right Lick on Computer, and Choose System Properties)

Steps To Turn On System Store on Windows 10

  • Click on system protection tab and after that click on Configure by selecting your hard disk’s C: / drive as main system drive.

Steps To Turn On System Store on Windows 10 1

  • Choose turn on system protection.
  • After that set drive usage to store systems restore point. – {Min 7 GB}
  • Now click on ok and that will turn’s on this feature.

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