Diet Soda:

Many people believe that diet soda is a cancer-inducing killer. While that’s not really true, diet soda can ruin your beach body. While one can of diet soda isn’t going to hurt you, it can do more harm than good. People are enticed by the caffeine rush that diet soda gives them with the promise of zero calories.

Diet Soda

If you really want to rock it in that swimsuit this summer, diet soda is a no-no thanks to the artificial sweeteners that can increase your insulin levels and slow down your metabolism. No one wants a slower metabolism that absorbs everything they eat.


Clearly, salad isn’t always a diet killer. If your salad consists of lettuce with grilled chicken and a very light dressing, it can help you lose weight. It’s those other salad toppings, like croutons and cheese (heavy in carbs and fat) that can sabotage your weight loss goals.

SaladFor comparison purposes, here’s two salads you can choose from at a restaurant. You can order a salad that just has lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, and light Italian dressing. Even with some bacon bits, this salad is only around 230 calories. In contrast, the Chili’s Quesadilla Explosion Salad has nearly 1,400 calories with enough sodium and fat to make you look like you are a few months pregnant. The difference is all in the toppings.

Dried Fruit:

You might be thinking to yourself, “How can fruit possibly make you fat?” Well, fruit itself will not cause weight gain. It’s what we do to fruit to make it more convenient to eat that spells trouble. Just like you should avoid fruit that is covered in chocolate or a candy coating, you should also avoid dried fruits.

dried fruitsFresh fruit is great for you, but dried fruit requires preservatives to make it edible. These preservatives contain a ton of sugar, which adds calories faster than anything you can imagine. Here’s an example: a cup of fresh blueberries has about 80 calories; the same serving of dried blueberries has nearly 400 calories. Fresh fruit it is!

Microwavable Popcorn:

Much like the dried version of fruit, the microwaved version of popcorn is the harmful cousin of the healthier original. You also shouldn’t eat the popcorn at movie theaters, since it is bathed in butter. The only popcorn that you should ever eat is the air popped kind, without any butter.

Microwavable PopcornSome microwavable popcorns have a considerably lower amount of calories and salt than the others, so they’re a better option if you must have this kind of popcorn. Otherwise, microwavable popcorn is filled with artificial flavors and a high fat count. Furthermore, harmful chemicals line the bags that can actually lead to thyroid disease. And that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to lose weight.


The point that we are really trying to hammer down here is the fact that the original basis of some of these foods are great for you. It’s when you start adding things to them that they become unhealthy, and smoothies are probably the biggest culprit of this. When people started making smoothies, they just blended together fruit and water. Those are two things that your body (and your skin) need more than anything.

SmoothiesToday’s smoothies claim to be healthy, but often contain hidden calorie bombs, producing spare tires around the world. Instead of water, ice cream and sugar are added in with high fat yogurt to give smoothies the perfect thickness. While these smoothies taste a lot better than those that just contain fruit and water, they can make you put on a lot of weight.