Snacks That Can Make You Fat (2)

Energy Bars:

Energy bars are really only good for one group of individuals: professional athletes. Although you might want the body of a pro athlete, you need to stay far away from these energy bars. If you need natural energy, a handful of peanuts or something high in protein (like beef jerky) can provide more than any energy bar.

Energy Bars

Protein bars were designed for marathon runners and athletes expending thousands of calories in one performance. Because of that, they pack as many calories as they possibly can into these little bars, leaving you with a day’s worth of calories if you aren’t overly active. And since they are so small and not all that filling, you’re always going to want more.

Vitamin Water:

Vitamins? Good! Water? Good! Vitamin Water? Not good. But how can something that has two of the most essential things for your body possibly be that bad? Well, there’s not just vitamins in Vitamin Water, it also contains a lot of sugar. While it is up for debate on whether or not Vitamin Water actually tastes good, you’re much better off just taking vitamins and drinking water.

vitamin water

Since there is a bunch of sugar in Vitamin Water, it is full of pesky calories. Calories are not something that is usually associated with water, so what is being marketed as this all-natural cure-all for your vitamin deficiency is not helping you any more than a couple of chewable Flintstones tablets with a glass of water.

Low Fat Ice Cream:

You should avoid pretty much anything that advertises itself as being low fat or having no fat.To make the product contain a lower amount of fat, the fat is usually replaced with artificial sweeteners, which can do a number on your body.

Low Fat Ice Cream

Since these products are advertised as low fat, people often see them as a loophole to still indulge in their favorite desserts, like ice cream. Sadly, there is no loophole and there are consequences in every scoop. While the carton claims to have only 100 calories in a serving, how often will you eat a small fraction of a cup of ice cream? You can easily consume four cups on your own, and that leads to 800 calories of “low fat” ice cream.

Bagels & Muffins:

People get suckered into bagels and muffins the same way that people get suckered into the low fat version of ice cream. They think that since it isn’t a doughnut and that they are made with granola or bran, that the calorie count is lower. That’s not the case here, as bagels and muffins are huge calorie carriers that usually don’t even taste all that sweet.

Bagels & Muffins

For years, the whole grain bagel has been a popular breakfast alternative for those looking to shed pounds. However, a small bowl of cereal with fruit can be much more filling and have only half the calories of one such bagel or muffin. Did you know that bagels and muffins can be around 500 calories each? What happens if you can’t have just one, and all of a sudden, two have disappeared? That’s a lot of calories before 8:00 A.M., so you might want to think twice and pick up a banana instead.

Trail Mix:

You are probably thinking right now, “Didn’t you say that nuts were good for you earlier?” That is a fair question, and yes, nuts are good for you. However, we said a handful of nuts would be a good snack for natural energy. Trail mix does not qualify as a handful of nuts. That’s because instead of just some almonds, you also get candy and dried raisins that can quickly make you go up a size or two.

Trail Mix

Trail mix gets a lot of hype for being a snack that can give you the unlimited energy you need to tackle mountains and bike up 80 degree hills, but you probably aren’t doing those types of activities right now. If a bag of trail mix is the only thing available for you to eat, pick out a few of the almonds and peanuts inside. In no way will M&M’s help you get a fit bod.

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