Setting Factory Calendar in SAP

Factory Calendar is generally defined by PP consultants. Please follow the below steps to create, modify and assian a calendar to a plant / company in SAP.

Creating Factory Calendar in SAP

  1. Go to SCAL transaction
  2. You will see three options there,  First click on public holidays and go in change mode.
  3. Click create and create your holidays there and save. (Generally fixed date will be used in the pop up)
  4. Now click Holiday calendar and go in change mode.
  5. Click create and give holdiay Calendar ID and description.
  6. Click assign public holiday and add your holidays one by one and save.
  7. Now holiday cal is created.

This will create a Holiday Calendar, and We meed tp assign an ID to the Factory Calendar. And to do that, just follow the below steps.

Assign ID to Factory Calendar in SAP

  1. Move out of the current window and Choose factory calendar and go in  change mode
  2. Click create and give Factory calendar id and description, and validity period.
  3. Give the holiday calendar ID (If you want to give special rule like any of the specific date/ day is the holiday or work day (which is different from holiday calendar you can define) and save.


Once this is done, then we need to assign the Factory Calendar to a plant, and to do that, follow the below steps.

Assign factory calendar to PLANT

  • Go to transaction Code SPRO, Enterprise Structure – Definisiton – Logistic General – Define Copy Delete and Check Plant – Define plant
  • Choose your plant and go to details
  • You have to define factory calendar there


Thats it. You have assigned a Factory Calendar to PLANT in SAP.

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