The question on whether SAP is the best Enterprise Resource Planning software system out there is something that is hard to answer but one thing is certain, SAP is the biggest of them all. Having the biggest market share and over 40,000 customers worldwide (in the US it is reportedly used by 10 of the top 10 companies), SAP could probably claim it is indeed the best.

What are the features of this ERP System? Well, SAP has all the characteristics a good ERP system should have. It does all that is expected of it and then more. First it has the modular functionality where it can provide solutions for all the core aspects of a business. It has modules for financials, human resource, warehousing and supply chain, customer relations management (also known as CRM), offline and online sales management, etc. These modules offer enough flexibility such that it can be reconfigured and customized according to the needs of the business.

It also has a developers suite that can be used to create custom software that the core modules can not provide. SAP has its own programming language called the ABAP or Advanced Business Application Programming which it uses to create custom applications. If you learn this language, considered to be relatively simple, you will be set for a good career in SAP consulting.
Being widely used also affords it to be be one of the most lucrative career option for those lucky enough to get trained into it. SAP consulting is big nowadays especially considering how many companies use this ERP solutions for their business intelligence needs. Becoming a SAP professional is one of the best career path to take today if you are in a professional in the field of business.
Why are SAP professionals in demand? Well, basically this is due to the fact that SAP has grown into such a huge and complicated system that no individual can hold mastery over it. In-house personnel of companies adopting this system will rarely cut it and hence they look for consultants who have spent a lot of time honing their expensive skills to help them set up their system.
So not only is SAP one of the top business software solutions, it is also one of the top career options. SAP is just at the top right now and it is for good reason and is certainly well deserved.
SAP was borne out of a vision of 5 founding engineers for a business software application that can provide data in real time to help the company’s management in decision-making. It has certainly reached that vision and even surpassed it as it has become one of the best model of how filling a need is always a great business strategy.