The most important thing of SAP is that it does not only come handy in a production company but also helps in various departments of the company such as finance, human resource, warehousing, supply chain management etc.

The software can be used in any kind of business to work easily and efficiently. One of the prime features of SAP that I came across is that the software is user friendly. Many courses pertaining to SAP software are offered in the market.

Of course experience is valued higher than (theoretical) knowledge, but especially in the SAP world the certification is your must-have entrance ticket to verify your skills. Here are few tips you should consider if you are willing to take SAP Certification.

  1. Revise your text book material. Sometimes all the questions will be straight from your book. If you are not going to master your book, you will be missing something. i have read in the internet that few got All the questions from the book .
  2. Its super important that you have to give as many revisions as possible
  3. Make sure you know the exact syllubus. The topics that were there last year wont be included this year. And few new areas might be there. Just review the syllubus.
  4. They given equal importance regarding % for Solution manager, cross integration and Implementation experience topics in which unfortunately if you feel you cant score more % on it, give more importance to it. Dont neglect those topics
  5. Go through the material each and every line as in the material also this is the best area where you can score much, if you maintain 80% average on topics like sales, shipping, pricing, billing and organization topics you will go through with 80%
  6. Try to take (sample) mock tests, so that you can boost up yourself and don’t think that same questions can repeat in your actual Certification exam
  7. And as far as language concern you should always cautious like with the words, Can, it might be, must, always, sometimes, likewise and some times for example instead of giving condition record they will say condition type (especially in true or false)
  8. The day before the exam go though with sample / mock test questions and all questions mentioned in the last page of every topic in the material
  9. And also its super important in the exam you got 3 hrs, make sure you complete with at least 15 min to spare, Don’t ever try to make any last minute changes, it may sometimes reduce your % score.
  10. Be confident while taking the exam.
I know what you’re thinking about… Brain-dumps. Dumps may be use full for Microsoft Certified Professional Exams and other certification courses. But when it comes to SAP, you can forget Brain Dumps or Dumps… Because,
  • Even in the deepest and darkest corners of top insider discussion forums, there are no secret guides for SAP Certifications available
  • The level of relevant certification knowledge is so broad, that without a very deep understanding of the theme you’ll just waste money for the exam
  • And finally you can’t cheat at work – every SAP Basis job requires comprehensive knowledge, without you’ll be fired after your first day. Sure!