Young or old, we love our hair. And hair plays the deciding role in factors like styling and personality. Conditions like hair fall, damage, dandruff are few of the common hair problems faced by all. Earlier hair fall used to be a sign of ageing. The ever-rising pollution, hectic lifestyle and never-ending work stress paves way for hair fall. 

With the advancement of Chemicals, we moved away from natural remedies to chemical treatments looking for instant results. Instant results is not the right solution for healthy hair. We have seen and understood that with time. The major problem starts during the our middle age around 30 years. Our hair growth starts slowing down due to the hormonal imbalances, improper diet and excessive stress.

Onion Juice–Most Efficient Remedy for Hair Growth

It is time to bring back the age old solutions to grow new hair naturally. There are many advantages of going natural with hair care. The most important being the fact that it works and it is inexpensive.

Onion Juice:

This is the oldest and the most efficient home remedy for hair growth.

Why we say Onion Juice is the Most Efficient Remedy for Hair Growth is because, Onion juice is rich in sulphur that boosts collagen production in the tissues and helps in re-growth of hair.

How To Use:

  • Use red onions or shallots
  • Chop it into small pieces
  • Squeeze out its juice.
  • Now apply it on your scalp carefully and keep for 15 minutes.
  • Finally rinse off with a mild shampoo.

Try this effectively for better hair growth. Tell us about your secret home remedies too. If you like this, please leave your comment and tell us what you think!