Smoke emitted from one mosquito repellent coil is equivalent to those of 100 cigarettes, thus causing harm to a large number of people in India.Not many people know about it, but the damage done to your lungs by one mosquito coil is equivalent to the damage done by 100 cigarettes.

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important and if your entire nocturnal hours are spent in swatting and trying to kill mosquitoes, you are bound to be lethargic and irritable at work, in the morrow. The individuals turn to mosquito coils, mats, lotions and creams to apply on the skins. These lotions and creams have a pungent smell which can keep these mosquitoes at bay and give you a good night’s sleep.

One Mosquito Coil Equals 100 Cigarettes

As far as coils are concerned, if you burn a mosquito coil it can emit smoke which is equivalent to that from one hundred cigarettes. It kills mosquitoes certainly but it also pollutes the air and makes it unclean plus unhealthy for breathing. The damage done to the lungs of many people is quite severe and can lead to health complications later on.

Some tips to avoid mosquitoes:

As far as using mosquito coils are concerned, that is certainly a finer way of getting rid of the mosquitoes. But of course, it never hurts to take some self or do it yourself precautions in order to avoid getting mosquito bites. Mosquitoes strike most during the nightly hours or where there is darkness. So before dusk or evening sets in, close and lock all the doors and windows of your residence. Switch on the air conditioning and lights plus fans to discourage them.

Do not wear clothes which are of darker shades like navy blue, dark green or black. Darker shades attract mosquitoes in droves. The stagnant waters of lakes, ponds or pools are breeding grounds for these pests so don’t sit near them.

Wear shirts or tops that are full sleeved and also long trousers in order to avoid getting mosquito bites on hands and legs. These are  just a few of the tips to avoid mosquito bites, other than using a coil.


Formaldehyde is a colourless, flammable and strong smelling gas, Inhaling it could cause watery eyes, throat discomfort, coughing, wheezing, nausea and skin irritation. Also, it can cause nasal or sinus cancer and even leukaemia.  The amount of formaldehyde released from burning one mosquito coil can be as high as smoking 51 cigarettes. Formaldehyde is not an ingredient of mosquito coils but a by-product of burning them. Octachlorodipropyl ether, better known as S-2, is a pesticide banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency. When S-2 is burned, releases bischloromethyl ether, a strong and harmful chemical that causes lung cancer.