It sounds like Nokia is preparing a major announcement for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is to be held shortly on  Barcelona.

The company has issued a media release ahead of its first MWC event, a press conference hosted by Nokia’s president and chief executive, Stephen Elop. On Monday morning, the release promises that Nokia “will announce significant industry news”. But what might that be?

As we reported recently, we believe that Nokia will announce two additions to its Lumia Windows Phone range: a ‘world’ version of its Lumia 900 flagship (which for now remains an AT&T exclusive); and a new entry-level device, possibly called the Lumia 610. This latter handset will bring Windows Phone to new low price points, and is expected to be running a new version of the operating system, codenamed ‘Tango’, which is optimised for lower-end devices and is believed to be stripped of some Windows Phone features, such as SkyDrive photo-synchronisation and disabled third-party Live Tile support.

Nokia Concept Phone
Nokia to Suprise World at Mobile World Congress (MWC)

Additionally, there have been extensive rumours about a new Symbian/Belle device, a successor to the venerable Nokia N8 with a class-leading camera, possibly called the 808 PureView. The Symbian^3-powered N8 won enormous praise for the extraordinary quality of its 12MP camera, which is still widely regarded as among the best to be found on any smartphone, and many Nokia fans have long hoped for a follow-up device with a similarly impressive cam.

Nokia has itself been teasing PureView-related promotional material over the last few days, so it seems logical to assume that there’ll be a related announcement at MWC – but one big question mark remains over whether or not that amazing camera will be on the back of a Symbian handset or on a Windows Phone.

But do any of these murmurs and mutterings from the rumour mill really constitute “significant industry news”? Or could Nokia announce something entirely different?

One possibility is that Nokia may announce a big push into new markets with its new entry-level Lumia 610. It’s widely believed that the new Tango update could bring over a hundred new languages to Windows Phone – an affordable price point and dozens of new markets for Windows Phone could represent a significant turning point in Nokia’s fortunes, giving it the opportunity to sell its Lumia handsets in much greater numbers.


Not long ‘til we find out though – the press conference starts on Monday 27 February. What else you expect from Nokia, share your opinions here…