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Know all the most important new secret codes of cell phones. Secret codes are some strange number combinations in cellular phones which do certain tasks or display information which may or may not be possible from inside the mobile phone’s menu. They can be called as tricks to display some secret information or to tweak your gadget. Some of the important changes or important information which may not be available through any settings in the menu options can be done through them. These codes are many a times necessary to insert in the handset to repair certain software related faults. These number combinations are not known to all mobile phone device users, so it is an added advantage and many a times very helpful to reset or format or repair your device without opening it!

Some of the most common secret codes:

*#06#  – This code displays the IMEI Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the handset. Works only in GSM as only GSM devices have IMEI no. CDMA handsets have ESN (Electronic Serial Number instead of IMEI) and can be viewed in the manufacturer’s software. The IMEI is a unique 15 digit serial number provided in all GSM devices. The IMEI and ESN numbers can also be found behind the battery on the inside cover inside or on the package box of the handset. If this code doesn’t show the IMEI, then its a CDMA handset!

*#67705646# – clears the LCD display(operator logo).
*#147# – This lets you know who called you last (Only vodofone).
*#1471# – Last call (Only vodofone).
#pw+1234567890+1# – Provider Lock Status.
#pw+1234567890+2# – Network Lock Status.
#pw+1234567890+3# – Country Lock Status.
#pw+1234567890+4# – SIM Card Lock Status.
*#21# – This phone code allows you to check the number that “All Calls” are diverted to.
*#2640# – Displays phone security code in use.
*#30# – Lets you see the private number.
*#62209526# – Display the WLAN adapter’s MAC Address. It is available only for newer devices which support WLAN such as N80.
*#746025625# – Sim clock allowed status.
#pw+1234567890+1# – Displays any restrictions that your sim has.

*#92702689# – Takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information below:
1. Shows the Serial Number.
2. Shows the Month and Year of your mobile Manufacture.
3. Shows the date at which the mobile was purchased (MMYY).
4. Shows the life time of your mobile (time passed since last restart).
5. Shows the date at which your mobile was last repaired – if found (0000)

To exit from this mode, simply switch off and then switch on your mobile phone.

*#3370# – Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation.
1.This enables your mobile to work with increased signal strength, use better signal reception.
2.This also helps you increase your GPRS speed to some extent.
3.It has drawback that your phone battery will be consumed

*#3370* – Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) deactivation. Phone will be automatically restarted automatically. Your battery life will increase by 30% but, phone will received less signal than with EFR activated.

*#4720# – used to activate Half Rate Codec. Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time.
*#4720* – used to deactivate Half Rate Codec. The phone will be restarted automatically.

If you have forgotten wallet code for your Nokia S60 phone, you can use this code reset: *#7370925538#
Note, your data in the wallet will be erased. You will be asked the lock code. Default lock code is: 12345

*#3925538# – used to delete the contents and code of wallet.

Nokia Mobile Phone Secret Codes:

  1. *#0000# – This code will display the phone’s model number, the software version installed and its release date.
  2. *#92702689# – This is a secret menu and displays the manufacture date and the life timer(total call duration). It also displays the purchasing date and the last date of repairs(useless!)
  3. *#67705646# – This will clear the operator logo on the LCD.
  4. *#7328748263373738# – This will rest the security code. Default security code in Nokia is 12345.
  5. *#7780#   – This will bring your phone to its original and default settings. You can also reset the phone to original settings from the settings menu. The reset option will be like ‘reset settings’ or ‘restore factory settings’ or ‘default settings’.
  6. *#7370#   – This will format your device. That is it will delete all the data inside the phone memory. It is required when your device gets infected by virus.
  7. *#2820#   – This will display the Bluetooth address of your device. If the bluetooth address gets corrupted, your handdset’s bluetooth will not function
  8. *#62209526# – This will display the MAC address of your device if it supports Wifi.
  9. * + 3 + Calling Button + On-Off Switch – This will format symbian phones (series 60). Eg N70, N73, N95, etc.
  10. Control + Shift + F + On-Off Switch – This is to format Nokia communicator series mobile phones. Eg 9300, 9500, E90, E91, etc.

Samsung Mobile Phone Secret Codes:

  1. *#0*# – With this code you can check many things like LCD, touch, speaker, vibrator, camera, video, etc.
  2. *#1234# / *#9999# – This will provide the handset’s software information.
  3. *#2222# Display the hardware Version
  4. *#9998*246# – Displays the battery status and memory capacity
  5. *2767*927# = This will reset WAP settings
  6. *2767*3855# – This will format the user data. A phone is formatted when it is infected by virus.

Android Secret Codes:

*#*#4636#*#* – This will provide phone’s information, battery and usage statistics.

  1. *#*#34971539#*#* – This will provide camera information.
  2. *#*#273282*255*663282*#*# – This code will take an immediate backup of all media files
  3. *#*#197328640#*#* – This will enable test mode for service.
  4. *#*#232339#*#* – This will perform wireless LAN tests.
  5. *#12580*369# – This will provide software and hardware information.
  6. *#9090# – For diagnostic configuration.
  7. *#872564# – For USB logging control.
  8. *#9900# – For system dump mode.
  9. *#301279# – For HSDPA / HSUPA Control menu.
  10. *#7465625# – To view system lock status.
  11. *#*#7780#*#* – To reset data partition to factory state.
  12. *2767*3855# – Format the phone memory (Will delete all data without prompting. so be careful!)

China Mobile Secret Codes:

*#0000# + Calling Button / *#0044# + Calling Button – This will bring the default language to English directly in Chinese phones.

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