This is a 100 Page Winter training MBA Project on Portfolio Management of CNX Midcap Companies, which has been an excellent work done by some one who did this project.

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Executive Summary:

This project report on “Portfolio Management of CNX Midcap Companies at Kotak Securities Ltd., Surat” is based on understanding portfolio management, which is taking place in the stock market. Kotak being the market leader in PMS, which is having corpus 3200 crore out of 6200 crore total market  corpus. Under project I have done marketing of Trading and Demat account and made IPO subbroker.

So this helps in understanding how practically the market works. Under project title firstly I find out 9 securities, which has made technical break out in CNX Midcap Index. Company selection is based on return and beta of that security also. On the basis of Sharpe Model of optimum portfolio, only 6 companies remained in my portfolio out of 9 companies. I found out the risk and return trade-off, beta, systematic and unsystematic risk, correlation between security and market and between two securities also, and covariance of security and market also. After which, the selected companies under portfolio, I found out the portfolio return and risk on the basis of Markowitz and Sharpe Single Index Model.

The companies consist of 6 securities are evaluated on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is worked on economic analysis, industry analysis and company analysis, and also finds out target price of such security. While under technical analysis, six companies are evaluated based on chart pattern, trend lines and various market indicators, and for each company new price has been found out.

I might add here that the project highlights the important points as to in which Midcap companies, an investor should invest in order to get a profitable  return, which can be seen from the targeted price of fundamental and technical analysis.

Index and Chapter Particulars:

1 Introduction Of Kotak Securities Ltd.
2 Methodology of Project

  • Problem Identification
  • Objective of Study
  • Research Design and data collection method
  • Data collection method
  • Source of data & Sampling
  • Analysis Techniques

3 Introduction to Portfolio Management Services

4 Analysis and Findings

a) Optimum Portfolio Preparation

  • Risk & Return on Portfolio Markowitz Model
  • Risk & Return on Portfolio Sharpe Single Index Module

b) Fundamental Analysis and Target Price

  • Economy Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Company Analysis and target price

C) Technical Analysis and Target Price

5 Limitations

6 Suggestions

7 Conclusion

8 Bibliography

9 Annexure

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