Campus placement of CTS is carried out in a three stage process that includes a written test followed by a group discussion and a HR and Technical round. Aptitude, Non-Verbal and Verbal, and Analytical Reasoning are the areas covered in the written test. Note: for top ranked colleges, Group Discussions will be optional, and it depends on the time they spend selecting candidate.

Selection Procedure

Graduates from various disciplines are recruited for various job profiles. The selection procedure is carried out in the following stages:

  • Written test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical and HR round

Written test will include questions from areas that will test a candidate’s aptitude and reasoning. The areas covered in the test are

  • Aptitude
  • Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning

Candidates are required to answer 70 questions in 70 minutes. There will be 25 questions each from Aptitude and Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning section. Analytical Reasoning section contains 20 questions. Candidates can expect questions on Venn diagram, cubes and dice problems, basic number problems, finding the error, comprehension, identifying figures, etc. Managing time is an important factor while attempting the written test.

The Group Discussion will test a candidate’s skills in the following areas:

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking ability
  • Topic awareness

Candidates are required to put across ideas constructively and logically. This is a stage where the candidate’s ability to prove a point and debate on a point will be evaluated.

Aspirants who clear the Group Discussion stage will have to attend the Technical and HR round. The technical interview will test a candidate’s knowledge of the technical field while the HR round will feature questions that evaluate the candidate’s decision making skills, interpersonal skills, leadership ability and the ability to work under stress.

Preparation tips

Aspirants can practice previous CTS Placement Papers. Exam pattern and commonly asked questions can be understood from these placement papers. Candidates can also check with current employees and those who have attended these tests to know the HR round questions. Group Discussion stage can only be cleared by communicating with confidence. Reading about current issues, participating in mock discussions etc can enable aspirants to perform well in group discussions. There are common discussion topics which the candidates can prepare beforehand.

Experience of previous candidates who have cleared the recruitment process can be leveraged. Candidates can also make use of reference books. Candidates should also develop the ability to communicate fluently. Confidence and passion to succeed are two basic aspects that an aspirant should possess if they need to come out successfully in the campus placement process of CTS.