This paper discuss about the implementation of face recognition concept using java. The development of the software which provides authentication for the user is the main aim of the project, by capturing images of the user and comparing the image with the images stored in the database and if the image matches the will be an valid user this idea has been implemented in the software with java as the programming language.

Face Recognition algorithms can be sub divided into two approaches, geometric and photometric. Where geometric refers to which looks at distinguishing features and photometric refers to a statistical approach that distill an image into values and comparing the values with templates to eliminate variances. Many of the algorithms include component analysis with Eigen face, Elastic Bunch Graph Matching fisher face, Linear Discriminate Analysis, and the neuronal motivated dynamic link matching.

Bio metric Systems Pros and Cons

There are more researches done in this Felds to overcome all the disadvantage of the face recognition system, such as in certain case like giving the system input in 20 degrees off or in other angle such that even if the user shakes his face in front of the camera the system detects a false input such that it does not matches the file in the database, the system also has an poor performance in case of poor light, long hair or any other partial covering on the face.

Recent Advances in Bio metric Systems:

Recent improvements in face recognition algorithms such as Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC), High-resolution face images, 3-D face scans has helped in the improvement of the technology.

This application provides features like: only authorized users should have access to data and services.

Bio metric Systems Advantages:

Bio metrics provide an unobtrusive and convenient authentication mechanism, Uniqueness, No need to remember passwords or carry tokens, Biometrics is impossible to get lost, undergo theft or not remembered.

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