ICSI Extension of Registration for Executive Programme Examination: No extension of registration will be allowed to any student if he/she has not passed/completed the Executive Programme (Inter) exam1nation during the validity of registration period. All such students will have to seek registration de novo only. Read below for ICAI Extension for Professional Programme Examination:

ICAI Extension for Professional Programme Examination:

Students whose registration exp1res between 28th/29th February and 31st May and between 31st August and 30th November will be allowed extension of time Without payment of extension of  registration fee for the limited purpose of appearing in the ensuing June or December examination, respectively, as the case may be

Registration of a student may be extended beyond a period of five years on year-to-year basis for appearing in the Professional Programme examination:-

  • (i) if he/she has completed postal/oral coaching and has been issued with coaching completion certificate for all modules of the Professional Programme examination under new syllabus during the validity of the previous reg1stration penod or has passed at least one module of the Professional Programme examination under the New Syllabus during the validity of the previous registration period as the case may be; and

  • (ii) makes an application for extension of registration period along with requisite fee within six months from the date of expiry of registration or within six weeks of the declaration of results of the last examination in wh1ch he/ she appeared, whichever is later

Extension of registration shall be granted for one year at a time on payment of extension of registration fee of Rs. 500 per annum, arrears of fee, if any, under the previous registration and service charges @ Rs. 150 per module for which the student has not been issued with the coaching completion certificate for the Professional Programme.

On the student’s application for extension of registration being accepted by the Institute, the extended period will be counted in continuation of his previous registration. He/she will also continue to bear the same reg1stration number.

No candidate will be allowed more than two extensions Including the extension, 1f any. already availed under old/new syllabus for completing Professional Programme examination under the new syllabus.

A student who completes the Professional Programme examination (of the Institute) during the extended period of registration will be required to comply w1th the practical experience and practical training requirements as stipulated under Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 and guidelines framed there under in this regard

ICSI Extension- Study Material

Study material will not again be supplied on seeking extension of registration. However, 11 can be had on payment of Rs. 160 per subject.

A student, on betng granted extension of reg1stration, shall be eligible to get the ‘Student Company Secretary’ from the month next to the month in which his application for extension of registration is accepted by the Institute.

The Secretary – on being satisfied that application of any of the guidelines cause undue hardship to a candidate – may relax any of the said guidelines (ICAI Extension) by recording reasons in writing.