How to Prepare for Reasoning Section in IBPS PO Exams

Reasoning Section carries 50 questions with 50 marks IBPS PO Exam. And actually, this is not a difficult section when  compare to Quantitative Aptitude. You have plenty of oppertunity to score more on the reasoning section even though it consumes more time on your exams.

In Reasoning, most of the questions are logical so have to think in different directions.Some students will guess the answer in few seconds, some other in couple of Minutes.It’s totally depends on way of thinking and Practice.

Follow the below listed procedure and topics,which are very important for IBPS PO Exams. For better results, you have to practice much in reasoning to get knowledge of thinking in different ways, while answering the Questions in IBPS PO Exam. You can have the complete details on expected weight age in each topic of reasoning along with important Preparation tips.

  • Reasoning Topics and Weight age-IBPS PO Question Paper 2012
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning-10 marks
  • Critical Reasoning-10 marks
  • Reasoning Date Sufficiency-5 marks
  • Circular Arrangement-5 marks
  • Distribution-5 marks
  • Deductions-5 marks
  • Input/Output-5marks
  • Linear Arrangement-4 marks
  • Directions-1 mark

Total Number of Questions-50

Total Marks-50

Preparation Tips for IBPS PO Exam Reasoning section

  1. In Non-Verbal Reasoning the questions will be based on Analogy and Series. These both have weight age of 5 marks each. Of course, this is the very important and easy topic to get the marks. Don’t neglect it, prepare well. Some times he ask 10 questions from Analogy or Series. So it’s better to prepare both Analogy and Series.

  2. Directions will come for only 1 mark. No need to bother about this and very easy to answer from this topic. Don’t give much preference to directions, while preparing. You just solve some basic problems of 10 to 20 questions and leave this topic as early as possible.
  3. Critical Reasoning have different type of topics which carries for 10 marks. This is also very easy to answer the questions.
  4. Circular Arrangement topic has an weight age of 5 marks. You people have to work hard to solve this type of questions. Basically all questions are based on Arrangements. First you arrange the pattern as per question, then answer questions. Normally it will take much time, but if you arrange correct pattern, definitively you will get 5 marks
  5. Linear Arrangement is related topic and almost similar that of Circular Arrangement. You can get at least 4 questions from this topic. If you are good to arrange correct way as per given question, Chance to get 9 marks from both Linear and Circular arrangements.
  6. Deductions, another very important topic, but little bit difficult to solve. Problems on Deductions will confuse you much. Having the practice and following the correct pattern helps you to get marks rather than negative marks.
  7. Distribution, input/output and Reasoning based Data Sufficiency topics having the weight age of 4-5 marks each.

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