A university degree qualifies one for applying IBPS exams if the applicant fulfills the given the age condition. What about professionals?

However, they get a better standing for IBPS Specialist Officers exam, where they could compete with the equally able candidates. IBPS’s specialist recruitment put forwards a very promising opportunity for Engineers, Business Managers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, looking forward to a safe, secure and rewarding career in Indian financial institutions.

Out of the 200 marks you could score in IBPS Specialist Exam, 75 marks come from the “professional knowledge” section. Therefore, IBPS SO applicants should give more attention to the subjects associated to their domain or profession, especially the portions that touch banking business. For example, If you’re applying the IBPS specialist exam for lawyers, you should be concentrating on various laws and acts related to banking. Rules on contracts, recovery of debts, foreign exchange, securities, money laundering, RBI policies, etc. are a few important topics.

Quantitative and reasoning section for IBPS specialist Exam carries basic to advanced mathematics and logical questions. At first it may appear a bit difficult when you start solving the logical questions or figure problems; do it one by one, you will find some similarities and the topic will get easier with time. Solve at least 1000 questions from this section by referring previous years question papers. You will understand the style of puzzles and will be able to find so many closely related problems.

Time management is a very crucial thing if you want to crack IBPS specialist online examination. The reasoning/quantitative aptitude section kills a significant share of the time allocated to candidates. We recommend you get training from a good coaching center if you want to manage time wisely: they can guide you on reappearing questions and short-cut methods for solving them.

Test of English holds only 25 marks in IBPS specialist exam. Your command of the English vocabulary, skill of reading comprehensions and understanding about the “errors in English” will get an analysis here.

General awareness and banking knowledge can be effortlessly acquired by watching business news and referring online portals on a day-to-day basis. IBPS “Law officer” and “Rajabhasha Adhikari ” aspirants should give this module a greater priority- it is easy to score that 50 marks.