CS course is offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, which is a statutory professional body constituted under the Company Secretaries Act 1980 passed by the Parliament of India. The institute holds the pride of being the only professional body for regulating and developing the profession of Company Secretaries of India. The institute has its headquarters in the city of New Delhi and four regional offices each at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi.

CS Executive Module :
The CS course offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India is divided into different stages like Executive, foundation, final and professionals. The Executive Programme is further divided into two modules being module I and II. There are Six papers in the professional stage with three papers for each module.

Module- I

  • General and Commercial Law
  • Company Cost and Management Accounting
  • Tax Laws

Syllabus for General and Commercial Law (GCL) Paper-1

  • Constitution of India
  • Intrepretation of Statutes
  • Law Relating to Specific Relief ,Arbitration & Conciliation ,Tort , Limitation & Evidence Act
  • Law Relating to Transfer of Property
  • Stamps Act
  • Registration Act
  • Information Technology Act
  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Code of Criniminal Procedure
  • Right to Information Act

Here mentioned the easy and short notes for General and Commercial Law based on the prescribed syllabus. Revise previous year question papers and review the short and summary view of entire syllabus is the best method of preparation for the examination.And giving much more importance & weightage for the chapter which containing more marks is also one of good method of Study.

It is very important factor to be considered in your mind is the compulsory questions.Those who are not answering the Compulsory questions,very sorry to say it is very tough to clear your Exams. Because this is the one Question the examiner test your ability and knowledge in that particular subject. Hence, First you have to know from which chapter compulsory question will be asked. It will be attained with the help of previous years question papers. Let you know very well about it when you revise question papers for your Exams

In General and Commercial Law the Compulsory questions will be asked from Chapter 1 Constitution of India and rarely from Interpretation of Statutes Chapter 2.

We are Concentrating to answer the compulsory question, we have attached the summary of Chapter 1 Constitution of India along with the Question Papers

Download : Last Minute Review (LMR)- General and Commercial Law