A majority of companies surveyed believe flexible working hours have increased productivity, while among workforce about 84 to 77 per cent think the trend is helpful.

According to a survey by leading provider of flexible workspace, 87 per cent of Bangalore respondents have said that they work more flexibly, both in terms of time and location, than they used to.

Bangalore is ahead of other major cities, for example In New Delhi only 79 per cent respondents said they work more flexibly, Mumbai (75 per cent) and Chennai (73 per cent).

Interestingly, in Hyderabad, as many as 83 per cent of respondents said they work more flexibly and in Pune the figure stands at 78 per cent, the survey which covered 600 senior business managers across the nation said.

According to the survey, 79 per cent of Indian companies reported that their productivity has increased as a result of flexible working practices, and 77 per cent link increasing revenues directly to flexi-working.

This survey confirms the business case for flexible working revealing that Indian businesses see increased productivity and greater revenue generation as directly linked to flexible working practices.

In India, the national capital seems to have overtaken the financial capital in terms of flexible working. 84 per cent of senior business managers in New Delhi believe that their company is more productive nowadays, directly as a result of more flexible working as against 77 per cent senior managers in Mumbai and 74 per cent in Pune.

It is highly interesting to see a divergence of sentiment across some of India’s business hubs, but what is clear is that the great majority of the nation’s businesses are bullish on the benefits of flexi-work.

Be it Mumbai or Bangalore, business people are also working on the move more than they used to, making the availability of work centres in every city an increasingly attractive proposition, particularly to small businesses that cannot rely on a network of company offices when they leave their headquarters, the survey said.