It is often seen that a Company prefers and experienced candidate over a Fresher during a job recruitment.  Well if you are a fresher or of you are one of the victims of this injustice too then do not worry, you have come to the right place.

In this article we will share some tips and tricks with you to impress the recruiter and we will also list some of the points that why do companies prefer experienced employees than the freshers.

Why do companies prefer to choose an experienced employee over a fresher

  1. The first thing a Company scans in the candidates CV is how efficient the candidate is to complete the work within deadlines and thus they look for an experienced and professional person who can well tackle the problems that arouse during the completion of the project. The fresher on the other hand would need some time to adjust in the environment.
  2. Freshers need training and instructions in the starting and big companies can not afford that because they pay more and thus expect more work in the given time.
  3. Developers look for the candidate that would disturb them the least and is master in the field and who can be a better master than an experienced person, thus freshers are given less attention here as well.

But there is absolutely no need to loose hope and feel low after reading the above points, read below and bring back the energy in yourself  as these tips and advices would surely help you in getting into a good job.

  1. Do not wait for a company to offer you a good project rather show your potential to them by taking some open source software project, learn and work on the one are really interested because they range from different domains to different languages. Many big companies have people in this project and they have and eye on the hard working and efficient candidates, so you might get a job even before you apply.
  2. Moreover this open source project will let you know in what field you are actually interested and thus you can excel your career in that because it will be complete wastage of time if you land in a job which you are least interested and you won’t be able to give you hundred Percent there.
  3. If you are in search of a solid job then make sure you need to put in solid efforts as well. This is actually the key to success because skilled and hard-working people are welcomed everywhere and if you don’t do it and simply go on with completing your degrees for the sake of just getting degrees then no one can help you land in a future where you will have to serve those people and complete those projects that you never wished to.