Difference between Selling Concept and Marketing Concept

The selling concept holds the idea- “consumers will not buy enough of the firm’s products unless it undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort”.

Here the management focuses on creating sales transactions rather than on building long-term, profitable customer relationships.

The marketing concept holds- “achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than competitors do”.

Here marketing management takes a “customer first” approach.

Difference between Selling Concept and Marketing Concept - Five Marketing Concepts
Difference Between Selling Concept and Marketing Concept
No.The Selling ConceptThe Marketing Concept
1undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effortundertakes activities such as; market research,
2The Selling Concept is suitable with unsought goods—those that buyers do not normally think of buying, such as insurance or blood donations.The Marketing Concept is suitable for almost any type of product and market.
3Focus of the selling concept starts at the production level.Focus of the marketing concept starts at understanding the market.
4Any company following selling concept undertakes a high-riskCompanies that are following the marketing concept requires to bare less risk and uncertainty.
5The Selling Concept assumes –“customers who are coaxed into buying the product will like it. Or, if they don’t like it, they will possibly forget their disappointment and buy it again later.”Instead of making an assumption, The marketing concept finds out what really the consumer requires and acts accordingly to them.
6The Selling Concept makes poor assumptions.Marketing concept works on facts gathered by its “market and customer first” approach.

The marketing concept and the selling concepts are two extreme concepts and totally different from each other.

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