Computer Science Students’ Handbook, also called as Computer Science students Placement Guide:

A Comprehensive Guide to: Campus placements play an important role in a students’ life. It sometimes become a turning point in their lives too. As in the case with every worthy endeavor, preparation makes a lot of difference towards achieving it.

This book is primarily targeted at students looking for a guide to help them in preparation for placements. This handbook is prepared by the students of 1999-2002 MCA batch, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Applications, PSG College of Tehnology, Coimbatore. Since we, the students, have prepared this guide, we better understand the requirement of our fellow students; the organization and contents of this book reflects that.

This book rose out of necessity. We, the students of MCA, were insearch of a good book on placement preparation when we started to prepare for placements. We came to know that there is no book available in the market that is meant primarily for placements and other related competitive exams. We had to go through some 8-10 different books for such preparation. There is a very wide student base in India looking forward to get jobs in software industry similar to us. So we decided to compile a comprehensive document that serves this purpose and the result of that endeavor is this book.

Computer Science Placement-Guide (PDF Document) Download