CBSE Question Paper – 2010, CIVIL ENGINEERING (Theory), Class – XII

Time allowed: 3 hours

Maximum Marks: 70

1. (a) [5marks] What is the role of cement in concrete? Enlist names of any three properties of Cement which
can be tested in a laboratory.

1. (b) [5marks] What do you understand by timber? Name the timber, suitable for the following Purposes.

  • (i) Making good furniture.
  • (ii) Making door shutters

2. (a) [5marks] Name a fire resistant material. What should be the properties of such a material?
(b) [5marks] What do you understand by Asphalt? Briefly explain some of its uses.

3. (a) [5marks] What different types of obstacles may be encountered during chain surveying ? Explain briefly.

(b) [5marks] Explain the importance of proper ventilation in a building.

4. (a) [5marks] Briefly explain various uses of cement mortar.

(b) [5marks] What is the use of a Dumpy level? Can you measure vertical angles with its Help?

5. (a) [5marks]Suggest a suitable type of foundation for a brick wall. Draw a line sketch of it.

(b) [5marks] Enlist names of various types of floors. Briefly describe any one of them.

6. (a) [5marks] Write the names of any two types of roof truss. Draw their line diagrams.[5marks]

(b) [5marks] What are W.B.M. roads? Are they suitable for fast moving heavy traffic? If yes, How? If no, why?

7. [5×2marks] Write short notes on any five of the following:

  • (i) Identification of timber
  • (ii) Brick floors
  • (iii) Precautions to prevent dampness in buildings
  • (iv) Curing
  • (v) Uses of bitumen
  • (vi) Applications of theodolite
  • (vii) Elements of road structure