OnlyThisMuch Book Amendments | Updates for Company Secretary Exams

OnlyThisMuch Book is the first of its kind which is as determined as the laws it contains to make learning an interesting experience. The objective of ‘Only This Much’ is to facilitate the readers with the concept of repeated learning, which is a must for any law subject. It is made as a 3-in-1 book […]

Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes Updates As On June 2012

Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes:  Direct Taxes are those which are directly charged in the hands of the assessee. E.G. Income Tax. The Person who earns income pays tax. Indirect taxes are those which are indirectly collected from assessee. E.G. Sales Tax. The person who sales collects tax from the buyer and hence the buyer […]

Company Secretary Executive Syllabus for Tax Laws

Working knowledge Level is required for Company Secretary Executive on Tax Laws: Objective  for Company Secretary Executive  on Tax Laws To impart knowledge of the basic principles underlying the substantive provisions of income-tax, wealth tax, service tax and value added tax laws to the students. To equip students with application of principles and provisions of […]