ICSI Extension of Registration for Executive Programme Examination

ICSI Extension of Registration for Executive Programme Examination: No extension of registration will be allowed to any student if he/she has not passed/completed the Executive Programme (Inter) exam1nation during the validity of registration period. All such students will have to seek registration de novo only. Read below for ICAI Extension for Professional Programme Examination: ICAI […]

ICSI Guidelines for Candidates Seeking Registration de novo

ICSI Guidelines for Candidates Seeking Registration de novo:  (Registration de novo pursuant to regulation 22 read with sub regulation (2) of regulation 24.) ICSI Guidelines for candidates seeking registration de novo within two years of the expiry of  previous registration. 1). A person whose registration has been cancelled on expiry of five-years period or otherwise may […]

OnlyThisMuch Book Amendments | Updates for Company Secretary Exams

OnlyThisMuch Book is the first of its kind which is as determined as the laws it contains to make learning an interesting experience. The objective of ‘Only This Much’ is to facilitate the readers with the concept of repeated learning, which is a must for any law subject. It is made as a 3-in-1 book […]

Company Accounts, Costs and Management Accounting Syllabus For Company Secretary Executive

Objective  of Company Accounts, Costs and Management Accounting For Company Secretary Executive–Group1–Paper 1 To provide working knowledge of accounting principles and procedures for companies in accordance with the statutory requirements. To acquaint the students with cost and management accounting techniques and practices. Part A : Company Accounts (50 Marks)   1. Accounting standards – relevance […]

General and commercial Laws Question Papers & Short Notes

CS course is offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, which is a statutory professional body constituted under the Company Secretaries Act 1980 passed by the Parliament of India. The institute holds the pride of being the only professional body for regulating and developing the profession of Company Secretaries of India. The institute […]

Sample of Postal Ballet Form & Instructions for Company Secretary

In Companies Voting Rights is vested with all its respective shareholders who having voting rights and whose name have been listed in register of Members at General Meeting of the Company Postal Ballet is one the method of collect Voting and get concern from the Shareholders and decide the majority voting for passing any resolutions. […]

Summary of resoutions for company Law

It is very tough to remember all the matters reragding Resolutions in your company law for Company Secretary. Here mentioned some of the important resolutions for Company Law for students who pursuing company Secretary course having Company Law Paper. It is also helpful for CA & CWA students having Company Law paper 1) Appointment of […]

43 Important Resolutions in Company Law

It is very tough to remember all the resolutions during exam time while preparing for the Exam. Here some of the most important resolutions regarding Company Law for Company Secretary Course This important company law related Resolutions will be very helpful for Students who pursuing Company secretary and those who are working as Company Secretary […]

Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes Updates As On June 2012

Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes:  Direct Taxes are those which are directly charged in the hands of the assessee. E.G. Income Tax. The Person who earns income pays tax. Indirect taxes are those which are indirectly collected from assessee. E.G. Sales Tax. The person who sales collects tax from the buyer and hence the buyer […]

Company Law Notes for CA CWA CS

Company Law Notes: These notes were prepared by ANKUR GARG (A.C.S), and I am sharing them with you. Working knowledge Level is required for Company Secretary Executive on Tax Laws. Students are advised to read the relevant Bare Acts. ‘Student Company Secretary’ and ‘Chartered Secretary’ regularly for updating the knowledge. Company Law Notes by ANKUR […]