Don’t shave, wax your armpits:

Instead of shaving as it’s a quicker method, it would be much better if you started waxing your underarm With shaving, only the surface hair comes out. However if you resort to the natural method of waxing, you should be relieved to feel your tender underarm skin much lighter. This is because the hair is pulled out from the base while the waxing is being done.

Bright Up Your Dark Underarms

Applying creams and skin tones:

If you are very fond of wearing sleeveless dresses and are embarrassed to because of your dark underarms, use lemon. It is a great source of lightening your skin. Just rub the lemon juice on your armpits before having your bath and use a moisturizer after you are done.

You can also create a solution of juice after grating the cucumbers or potatoes. Leave this juice on your underarms for about fifteen minutes which will help it to lighten the area. Then wash it off with water. You can also use the potato skin to rub the afflicted body portions.

Paste for treatment:

You can create a paste out of sandalwood and rose water for the underarm treatment. You can apply it and wash it off after a few minutes. This paste will naturally lighten the ugly dark patches on your underarms and give your skin an attractive glow.

Bright Up Your Dark Underarms1

Turmeric powder :

Turmeric powder is a very good agent of lightening the skin tone which would be useful if you have dark underarms. You need to blend it with a few amount of saffron and also a suitable amount of milk to apply on your black armpits. Wash it off after twenty minutes.

Turmeric powder can also be used with a combination of juices of lemon and cucumber. Keep in on the underarms and wash away after a period of twenty minutes.